Belt Covers: The Wear Element That Protects Your Investment

Ask any machine operator in a paper converting operation what their biggest belt-related concerns are,and they are likely to respond with "belt cover durability" or "the tendency of a particular belt to mark or scar the product being conveyed." Their ideal cover would be a "non-marking,non-tearing cover" that does no damage to the paper product being manufactured and provides long term resistance to wear.

Typically,abrasion resistance might be considered synonymous with a hard durometer finish,but in the case of 万博manbetx官网Nitta Corporation's proprietary blended carboxylated rubber compound,an abrasion-resistant soft durometer rubber cover is paired with our integrally one-piece solid nylon core,resulting in unequaled service life and productivity.

One of the largest users of paper handling equipment in the world is the United States Post Office.In 2018,the USPS awarded 万博manbetx官网Nitta Corporation an increase to our contractual supply agreement based on the comparative service life of our belt manbetx万博体育官网products versus those of our competitors.In addition,万博manbetx官网Nitta's range of paper converting specifications is in use around the world and is recognized as the default standard in paper manufacturing and converting sites.

万博manbetx官网Nitta Corporation of America's plant in Suwanee,Georgia,an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility,mixes and extrudes our rubber on the plant premises;we are in control of every step of the manufacturing process.Our unique manufacturing process and rubber compounding ensure that the proprietary covers produced for our PolyBelt nylon (skive splice) and PolySprint polyester (finger splice) belts are the best available anywhere in the world.万博manbetx官网Nitta: the one and only,featuring PolyBelt nylon core and finger-spliceable Polysprint range made in the USA.

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